You must be signed up on SONA, the YORK COLLEGE RESEARCH POOL, to participate! A password will be issued to via SONA when you sign up. At the moment, this experiment is for APPLE MAC OS USERS ONLY. However, we have a version for PC you may try if you mistakenly signed up with a Windows PC.

Please complete the experiment on the day you sign up. If you don't complete the experiment by the end of the day, your instructor will be notified of your unexcused absence. Credit will be issued at the end of each week. If you were issued a "no show," you may still participate to receive credit. The game should last at least 24 minutes but it may take longer depending on how long it takes you to respond to questions.

You must perform above a certain level to receive credit (i.e., no random guessing please).

This experiment cannot be completed on a mobile device. You must use a computer mouse and NOT a track pad or joy stick.

When you log into this site, a file (e.g., NeuroSled.pkg) will immediately download to your computer. Double-click the file after it downloads to to install the game on your computer.

MAC USERS: The game will install in the root Applications folder (e.g., MyHardDrive/Applications not myUserName/Applications). You should be able to click on the application named Neurosled_110420-1.

PC USERS: The Windows Defender program will attempt to stop the app from loading. Click on “more info” to allow the app to run. You may have additional protections on your computer (e.g., Norton Antivirus). Click on whatever options allow you to run this software. Once the installer launches, follow the on-screen instructions to install and launch the app. Most likely, the app will install in your Program Files folder. You can always search your computer for NeuroSled to find the app.

For problems regarding website access or installing the software, please contact Evan Owens (eowens@york.cuny.edu). By logging in, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old, you have downloaded and read the CONSENT FORM, and you agree to participate in the experiment.